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Cisco static and dynamic routing

How to Configure the Static and Dynamic routers of Cisco 1941?

It is known that router configuration includes Basic Configuration, Interface Configuration and Routing Configuration and so on. For many of users, it’s not an easy way to make all these things clearly. Fortunately, the basic configuration of routers such as default Configuration and Global Parameters Configuration are set up by the provider or easy to

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Cisco IOS VPN Security Portfolio and Suggested Applications

VPNs’ Functions, Types, Solutions and Cisco 1900, 2800, 6500 series VPN configurations

Functions of VPNs: a. Allow organizations to securely connect remote offices and remote users using cost effective, third-party Internet access b. Using high-bandwidth Internet connectivity—such as DSL, Ethernet, and cable—and securing it with encrypted VPN tunnels reducing WAN bandwidth costs while increasing connectivity speeds. c. Provide high levels of security through encryption and authentication technologies

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the most popular Cisco 1921

Cisco 1921 overview, Key features, Security, configuration, and price

Overview: As one of the most popular Cisco routers, Cisco 1921 ISR routers are welcomed by many users for it’s easy to operate and its price related affordable. The Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router (ISR) delivers highly secure data, mobility, and application services. Now, let’s share the details of Cisco 1921: (Cisco 1921 ISR Front)

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Cisco 1941 hardware installation

How to install Cisco MWR 1941-DC Hardware?

1. Simple overview of Cisco 1941 Cisco 1941 Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) are routing platforms that provides VPN functionality, SIP Gateway Signaling over TLS Transport, as well as, connectivity and security services in a single, secure device. It also offer broadband speeds and simplified management to small businesses, enterprise small branch and teleworkers. In support

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