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What’s new on the Cisco ISR G2 models vs. the ISR 1 models

Cisco 1921 & Cisco Best Routers Comparison

As a must for almost all the networks, Cisco routers plan a very important role in Internet. Especially Cisco 1900 series routers are popular with a large number of users all over the world. Now, let’s share the star Cisco router – Cisco 1921. This Cisco 1921 router provides small-to-medium sized businesses and small branch

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how VPN works

Tutorial of popular VPN protocols and Steps of Configuring VPN on Cisco 1921 router

What is VPN? VPN is a site-to-site virtual private network which allows you to maintain a secure “always-on” connection between two physically separate sites using an existing non-secure network such as the public Internet. Traffic between the two sites is transmitted over an encrypted tunnel to prevent snooping or other types of data attacks. Generally,

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Cisco 1921 k9

How to recover Cisco 1921 default password?

Some devices like Cisco 1921 routers are configured with onetime password. If you log on with these credentials and save the configuration, the default password is erased. If you don’t have set a new password, you’ll end up with an inaccessible box. This avoids production devices with the default manufacture password and being exposed.You need

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Cisco router connecting to Frame Relay switches

How to Get the Right Used Cisco Router for Your Home Lab?

One of the biggest challenges for people getting into the Cisco world knows how to learn the equipment and the systems without completely breaking the bank. This article focuses on affordable options for routers if you haven’t budget for a basic lab, and don’t have access to extensive labs to fulfill your needs. Tips of

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1921-k9 back overview and explanation

Full Diagram Overview and Specs for Cisco 1921/K9 & Cisco1921-SEC/K9

Cisco 1921/K9 overview:  The Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router (ISR) delivers highly secure data, mobility, and application services. Now, let’s share Cisco 1921-K9 router full and simple tutorial in diagram form. LED area description · SYS: Solid green —normal operation. Blinking green —System is booting or is in ROM monitor mode. Amber —System error. Off —Power is off or system board is faulty. · ACT: Solid or blinking —any packets are transmitted/received on any WAN/LAN, or when monitoring system activity. · PoE: Green —PoE is available. Amber —Power supply is not supplying PoE power.S (Speed): 1 blink + pause —GE port operating at 10 Mb/s. 2 blink + pause —GE port operating at 100 Mb/s. 3 blink + pause —GE port operating at 1000 Mb/s. · L (Link): Green —GE link is established. Off —No GE link is established.  Note: · 1 integrated EHWIC slots for flexible configurations & support of two modules:  1 double wide HWIC-D or single wide EHWIC/HWIC module; or 2 single wide EHWIC/HWIC module . (Each HWIC Slot offers high data throughput capability with up to 1.6 Gbps aggregate towards the router processor and up to 2       Gbps aggregate to other module slots over MultiGigabit Fabric (MGF)). · 1 AUX port (auxiliary port) —RJ-45 connectors for Remote configuration.

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Popular Cisco HWIC-2 SHDSL

Full Tutorial of Cisco 1921 Router Supported Interface Card and Modules

The following are details of almost all the Cisco 1921 supported interface card: Note: all Cisco 1900 series router not support Voice Modules New Modules EHWIC-4G-LTE-A:  4G LTE EHWIC for AT&T, 700 MHz Band 17, 850/1900/2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA bands EHWIC-4G-LTE-G:  4G LTE EHWIC for Europe, LTE 800/900/1800/ 2100/2600 MHz, 900/1900/2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA bands EHWIC-4G-LTE-V:  Dedicated

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Removing the Power Supply and Blower

Full Tutorial of Cisco 1921 Specifications

With the excellent functions of embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, and advanced security services and so on, Cisco 1921 routers are chosen by most of small and middle-size businesses strive to lower the TCO in running their networks and increase their overall employee productivity with more centralized & collaborative network applications, and

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Popular Cisco 1921 overview

How to complete ISR Cisco 1921 router password recovery at break sequence?

As one of the most popular ISR routers, Cisco 1921 router is chosen by the most middle or small-size businesses, and the same with us. But some day, a colleague made me aware of a potentially serious problem on Cisco 1921 and other ISR G2 routers. Generally speaking, these devices shipped with a buggy version

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Best Cisco 1921/K9 fan power supply

Tips of buying Cisco 1921 with best price & full overview of Top 5 Cisco 1921 series

As one of the most popular Cisco devices, Cisco 1921 routers are welcomed by most of our customers with small or middle size business. Recently, many friend request a quote for Cisco 1921/K9, Cisco 1921-SEC/K9 and other Cisco 1921 routers, now, let’s share the best tips of buying the best Cisco 1921 series. Preparation before buying

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Cisco 1921 overview

Tutorial of Cisco 1921 overview, Benefits, Cisco 1921 setup and ISR FAQs

Cisco 1921 router overview: It’s no doubt that Cisco 1921 is one of the best choices for Small business, thus it’s necessary for us to make the following details clear as soon as possible. Generally speaking, all Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Routers including Cisco 1921 offers embedded hardware encryption acceleration, optional firewall, intrusion prevention,

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