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add the HWIC module into the Cisco 2901 router

Features of HWIC-4ESW Module & Steps of Adding a HWIC to Cisco 2901 Router

Overview of Cisco HWIC-4ESW Module Offering ease of configuration, deployment, and management while using the powerful characteristics of Cisco routing and Cisco Catalyst switching features, the 4-port Cisco EtherSwitch 10/100 high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) supported on the Cisco 1800 (modular), Cisco 1941, Cisco 2800/2900, and Cisco 3800/3900 series integrated services routers. Providing line-rate Layer

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Cisco 2960 series

EOS Announcement for Hot-sale Cisco 2960, Cisco 3560, 3750 switches and HWIC Cards VS the Replacements

According to, some of the most popular Cisco switches (including Cisco 2960 series, Cisco 3560 series, Cisco 3750 series switches and some hot sale Cisco HWIC cards) are coming to its EOS. Fortunately, all EOS devices have their replacements which are even better than themselves. Now, let’s summarize and share the most popular hot

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