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VLANs tutorial

VLAN Tutorial with Comparing LAN, VLAN and Trunk Port

What are VLAN & the difference between VLAN, LAN and Trunk? LAN: You may know that a LAN is a local area network which is defined as all devices in the same broadcast domain. Routers stop broadcasts while switches just forward them. VLAN: a VLAN is a virtual LAN — a broadcast domain created by

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Best Cisco ASA 5500 series

Why you should use Cisco ASA firewall for keeping network secure?

Reasons of using firewall for network secure No matter for businesses or home networks systems, keeping network secure is a constant struggle in this modern world. You may be doubt at my conclusion, but the following reasons will tell you the reason: 1.  Make sure anti-virus software is uploaded on every computer for third-party software

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Tutorial and Popular FAQs for WAN Monitoring

As one of the most important part of networking, WAN Monitoring plays a virtual role. It is known that WAN Monitoring provides: Performance tuning which can improve service with proactively id, reduce bottlenecks, tune and optimize systems, improves QOS, optimize investments with id under/over utilized resources, and balance workloads. Trouble shooting which can get out

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Network Address Translation

What is Network Address Translation?

NAT (Network Address Translation or Network Address Translator) is the translation of an Internet Protocol address (IP address) used within one network to a different IP address known within another network. The new Network Address Translation (NAT) functionality in the Cisco routers allows privately addressed networks to connect to public networks such as the Internet. When

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details of IPv6 basics

How to Optimize Licensing and Performance for IPv6 with Internet Protocol upgrade?

IPv6 has been a hot topic in the networking industry for over 2 years now and as the changeover progress, it is still a priority for companies. IPv6, as the next version of the Internet Protocol, could make life easier and battery life longer for electronics-addicted consumers, according to Pros, IPv6 can boost mobile performance

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preparation of Cisco license

Cisco License Tutorial—License Types & How Borrowing and Loaning of Licenses Work

Generally speaking, there are five types of license including enhanced, basic, essential, adjunct, and voicemail license. Now let’s share the details of the five licenses and how to borrow and loan of licenses work. 1. Enhanced License This license type covers a user and the user’s primary phone when the system classifies the primary phone

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Best Cisco ISR G2 routers

Cisco extended software capabilities of Cisco 3900, 2900 and 1900 series

As the leading supplier of networking devices, Cisco make it’s prominent again by adding app performance to ISR branch routers compared with its main competitors such as HP and Juniper. Now, let’s share the details. Cisco this week extended the software capabilities of its ISR branch routers with previously separate security and application performance features,

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the most popular Cisco 1921

Cisco 1921 overview, Key features, Security, configuration, and price

Overview: As one of the most popular Cisco routers, Cisco 1921 ISR routers are welcomed by many users for it’s easy to operate and its price related affordable. The Cisco 1921 Integrated Services Router (ISR) delivers highly secure data, mobility, and application services. Now, let’s share the details of Cisco 1921: (Cisco 1921 ISR Front)

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