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VLANs tutorial

VLAN Tutorial with Comparing LAN, VLAN and Trunk Port

What are VLAN & the difference between VLAN, LAN and Trunk? LAN: You may know that a LAN is a local area network which is defined as all devices in the same broadcast domain. Routers stop broadcasts while switches just forward them. VLAN: a VLAN is a virtual LAN — a broadcast domain created by

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Cisco 1921 k9

How to recover Cisco 1921 default password?

Some devices like Cisco 1921 routers are configured with onetime password. If you log on with these credentials and save the configuration, the default password is erased. If you don’t have set a new password, you’ll end up with an inaccessible box. This avoids production devices with the default manufacture password and being exposed.You need

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Cisco router password recovery

Steps of Cisco 1941 password recovery

We always receive such kinds of answers “I have a Cisco router that i forgot the password, i need to rest it if someone could help me?” or “Could everyone explain the procedure for password recovery associated with Cisco routers?” It’s no doubt that Cisco password recovery is one of the most popular problems during

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wireless solution

Common Wireless Speed Problems, Causes and Solutions

Wireless is becoming an indispensable part of modern life. No matter you use iPhone or Samsung or Kindle, wireless speed will determine your efficiency and even your mood. However, nothing is perfect; here are always some wireless speed problems to hinder you. Now, let’s pick out the come wireless speed problems and simple ways to

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Outdoor Wireless Mesh Routers

How to Design Outdoor Wireless Networks for Campus Mobile Classrooms?

Some problems have come up a lot in recent weeks for larger school systems whose enrollment at each school can change rapidly from year to year. Many school systems today have a growing number of mobile classrooms. The challenge for IT management is that the parents and school administrators expect that Wi-Fi and network access

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3 ways to connect Cisco router to AP

3 Best Options of Connecting Cisco Router to Wireless Access Point

Setting up a wireless local area network (LAN) has many benefits. However, you must make sure that you install the correct equipment to take advantage of those benefits. A wireless home network requires a router and access points in order to function. It’s important to choose the right wireless access points for your router. Also,

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Tutorial of Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and new 802.11ac

Full overview: The 802.11 standard establishes and defines the mode of channeling the unlicensed radio frequency bands in WLANs. The 2.4 GHz band is broken down into 11 channels for North America and 13 channels for Europe. These channels have a center frequency separation of only 5 MHz and an overall channel bandwidth (or frequency

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how to reset Cisco routers to default setting

Tutorial on Resetting and Verifying Cisco Routers to Default Factory Setting

No matter for an end-user or a company, you may hope your new bought router to benefit you best; thus, it’s necessary to restore the router to factory settings. Now, there are the simple but practical tips for resetting Cisco routers: 1. To erase the configuration file, issue the erase nvram: command. Reload the router

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configure Basic Cisco router password

Types and Configuration of Basic Passwords for Cisco Routers

As one of the most important Cisco star products, Cisco routers are even indispensible for network users. But, how to keep the router security is a problem, and configuring the right password maybe the best choice. Now, let’s share the types of basic Cisco router passwords and get started configuring passwords on your Cisco router.

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example of reseting admin password cisco snmp

How to Recover Cisco 2921 & Cisco 2951 router password?

As one of the most popular Cisco router series, Cisco 2900 routers are welcomed by most small and middle businesses. But sometimes, we always face the trouble of losing password result in problems of using the routers. Thus, here we list the detailed steps of recovering password for Cisco 2900 routers (taking Cisco 2921 router

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