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smart home soft standard

‘Smart Home’ Software Standard Pioneered by Cisco, LG, Bosch and ABB

Preface: Cisco, LG, Bosch and ABB have agreed on an open standard for connected home appliances, with a software platform to build internet-ready fridges, washing machines and other consumer goods.  The four companies have signed a memorandum of understanding on the topic and will set up a consortium to develop an open standard for software

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Cisco EIGRP protocol diagram

Cisco EIGRP Routing Protocol Got New Over the Top Feature

Preface: The EIGRP routing protocol just got more interesting with the addition of Cisco’s Over the Top feature. Here’s how it works plus its pros and cons. Cisco Systems has been hoisting the EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol- with all the hoopla surrounding software-defined networking, overlays and network virtualization) flag up high of late.

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SDN and cloud

Cisco Next ASIC-Internet of Everything Router with Half Software & Hardware

Preface: Cisco CEO Chambers says new ASIC disclosed at Cisco Live will be routing tech for ambitious initiative; and may include storage as well. Cisco is building a router for the Internet of Everything, the company’s initiative to connect the billions of devices – or 99% of the world – that it claims aren’t already

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2960-XR Family Power Supply

Catalyst 2960-X switches—Cisco’s new midmarket opportunity after its Partner Summit

It is well-known that Cisco Partner Summit is the event of the year for the global Cisco channel community, and it gets mighty busy and collect most Cisco participants. With Cisco Systems’ Partner Summit 2013 is under way in Boston, what can partners expect to be the hottest topics, corral the most buzz and pump

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Cisco 2960 series

EOS Announcement for Hot-sale Cisco 2960, Cisco 3560, 3750 switches and HWIC Cards VS the Replacements

According to, some of the most popular Cisco switches (including Cisco 2960 series, Cisco 3560 series, Cisco 3750 series switches and some hot sale Cisco HWIC cards) are coming to its EOS. Fortunately, all EOS devices have their replacements which are even better than themselves. Now, let’s summarize and share the most popular hot

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Best Cisco ISR G2 routers

Cisco extended software capabilities of Cisco 3900, 2900 and 1900 series

As the leading supplier of networking devices, Cisco make it’s prominent again by adding app performance to ISR branch routers compared with its main competitors such as HP and Juniper. Now, let’s share the details. Cisco this week extended the software capabilities of its ISR branch routers with previously separate security and application performance features,

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