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Cisco871 router

Cisco871 Overview & How to Configure DHCP on 871 and other 880 Series Routers

1. Overview of Cisco 871 router: Cisco 870 Series of integrated services routers are fixed-configuration routers that support multiple types of DSL technologies, broadband cable, and Metro Ethernet connections in small offices. They provide the performance needed to run concurrent services, including: Firewall, intrusion prevention Encryption for VPNs; Optional 802.11b/g for WLAN networking; Quality of

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Cheapest and Best Cisco 871 router

Overview and Configuration of Cisco 871 Router

It is obvious that Cisco is a computer networking giant around the world with designing and manufacturing routers, switches and other networking hardware and software for both consumer and enterprise market. The Cisco Router 800 series belongs to the lowest SOHO end. The most popular models in the 800 series are the 880 and 870

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Swap the flash memory for the new larger bit

How to Upgrade Flash Memory in a Cisco 877 Router Step by Step?

Generally, to upgrade the flash memory and dynamic RAM (DRAM), you must open the router chassis. You must provide a number 1 Phillips screwdriver and an antistatic mat. The model shown in the following procedure is a Cisco 887 router, but the other Cisco 800 series routers are similar to it. Follow these steps to

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