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Cisco router connecting to Frame Relay switches

How to Get the Right Used Cisco Router for Your Home Lab?

One of the biggest challenges for people getting into the Cisco world knows how to learn the equipment and the systems without completely breaking the bank. This article focuses on affordable options for routers if you haven’t budget for a basic lab, and don’t have access to extensive labs to fulfill your needs. Tips of

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Swap the flash memory for the new larger bit

How to Upgrade Flash Memory in a Cisco 877 Router Step by Step?

Generally, to upgrade the flash memory and dynamic RAM (DRAM), you must open the router chassis. You must provide a number 1 Phillips screwdriver and an antistatic mat. The model shown in the following procedure is a Cisco 887 router, but the other Cisco 800 series routers are similar to it. Follow these steps to

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Cisco 880 routers overview

Which is the best router for preparing CCNA Exam & CISCO IOS?

“What is the best router for learning the Cisco IOS?”, or “what is the best router to use to practice for your CCNA exam?”, or even, “what is the best router to connect your home or small business to the Internet?”  While there are certainly less expensive options that might try to fulfill all three of

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